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Really, Simon?


Motivational Joffrey for when you are feeling down.


this guy right here needs a bigger fandom

his little self was charming

he’s cute as a dozen of kittens

and puppies

dat acting skills though

btw he’s actually hot

shirtless alert

and let’s all admit that his joffrey was legen-freaking-dary

just look at this evil little asshole

but he’s the way he is because of this amazing actor

so appreciate

and kneel for the king Jack Gleeson


ok so in the books he doesn’t rape her. but still fuck against their son’s corpse.

Jack Gleeson tho. lol so awkward to be in that position in that scene. gotta give him some credit



because this was removed. all credit for the idea goes to first poster


When my mom tells me I should spend more time outside-


when your parents ask what you do on the internet all day

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